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The History of InfoRoot

Established 1997 by Imogen DiRosa.

Imogen had a successful career as a working actress and after the parts ran dry later branched out as an entertainment reporter for the likes of Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Tonight.


The plan was to build a fan base based on the hot entertainment news of the day and then branch out to politics and sports. Their first host was Herbert “Tiny” Walker, a computer salesman who answered an ad on Craigs List to host a one hour entertainment news program which would eventually be called “A Tiny World”.  His charismatic on air presence made his show (and thus the network) an instant hit.  At the height of the  network’s popularity – it was a 24 hour channel dedicated primarily to entertainment, celebrity profiles, exclusive interviews, and also had one of the first the reality shows that followed Tiny Walker around on a daily basis.


Eventually Tiny became a worldwide media mega star.

Inforoot helped signal a new wave of entertainment journalism merged with politically charged content that online sites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Deadline Hollywood, and networks like E! copied and eventually made their own.

InfoRoot is no longer a 24 hour channel.

Its flagship show (and only on air offering that garners some ratings) is “What’s UP…and Down – with Corey” Hosted by former child actor Corey Clarke. Corey Clarke’s show is a lifestyle, entertainment program that does commentary and pieces on the trending issues of the day (along with makeovers, commentary on topics such as viral videos of the day etc, political and entertainment gossip) – but is a pale imitation of what Tiny Walker had perfected.

InfoRoot also shows re-runs of old tv shows including the sitcom Corey Clarke starred in as a child actor titled “That Li’l Brat!” Along with repeated interviews of stars during press junkets (runs in a loop). 


InfoRoot has shows where Corey or one of his guest co-hosts introduce movie trailers and does commentary on them (kind of like a Mystery Science Theater type show but for trailers). 

There’s also the panel discussion show: “So…What’d You Think?” Where a panel, again mostly hosted by Corey, talk and discuss their reactions to tv show episodes, video games, and movies and the panel discusses their thoughts and feelings about those topics.

InfoRoot is a shell of what they once where and now occupies a small sound stage in the outskirts of Hollywood.

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